Rio TANM Celebrity Airbrush Tanning System

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Get an A-list tan with Rio Celebrity airbrush tanning

Having a celebrity A-list tan every day couldn’t be easier. The easy to use airbrush delivers an all over even self-tan in just a few minutes and with a salon perfect result, for a natural-looking tan all year round. A light mango fragrance also masks the tell-tale aroma of normal self-tans. Over a few hours your natural tan will develop into a perfectly even glowing finish.

The specially formulated self-tan incorporates a micro-fine spray with a bronzer to help guide you to a flawless, even finish. As you spray, you will see the coloured tanning solution on the skin. The colour includes added bronzer that will act as a guide for you to see where you have sprayed so you can achieve a smooth, non-streaky tan. You may find it easier to spray the first burst of solution onto a tissue to give you a feel for how it works, before applying it to your skin.

  • Flawlessly airbrushed for a healthy glowing tan
  • Specially formulated self-tan incorporates a bronzer to help guide you to a flawless even finish
  • Micro-fine spray, fast drying , long lasting results
How to use the Rio Celebrity airbrush tanning

As a guide, hold the airbrush 15-20 cm from your skin and spray using a circular motion. Varying the distance will increase or decrease the amount of tanning solution on the skin and it is important to keep the airbrush moving.

When spraying your whole body, work upwards from your feet. Move onto your stomach, and then torso up to the neck area and then move onto the arms. For a natural effect apply lightly to the underside of the arms - to achieve this, simply hold the airbrush further away and remember to include the underarm area. If drips occur, you are holding the airbrush too close, or moving it too slowly. Wait until you are completely dry--you will not need to wipe-down with a towel.

When you shower you will see some colour washing off but don’t worry, this is normal, it is just the bronzer guide colour that has been added to the tanning solution and some bronzer will wash off but the tan will remain.

The tan lasts 6-9 days and can be topped up quickly and easily at any time, giving you the celebrity look every day without the cost of a salon treatment. Your tan will reach its deepest colour after 12 hours. If you wish to deepen your tan, re-spray after 24 hours, without exfoliating. To maintain your tan, apply every 4-6 days.

Tips to achieve the perfect celebrity tan

Hair removal
Although not strictly essential the best results will be on hair-free skin. If you wax or use sugaring, allow 48 hours before tanning, otherwise tiny speckles of concentrated colour may appear in the hair follicle. These will fade with your tan. If shaving, leave 24 hours before tanning.

It is important to exfoliate thoroughly. Dead or dry skin cells absorb the tanning solution much faster than young, new cells resulting in an uneven, patchy tan which will quickly fade. Particular care should be taken to exfoliate the dry zones such as knees, hands, elbows and feet. The exfoliating glove provided, will aid with this. Shower after exfoliating and dry thoroughly.

Do not moisturise your whole body prior to tanning. Moisturise only the dry zones (knees, hands, elbows and feet) with a water-based moisturiser. Oil based moisturisers form a barrier which is not easily penetrated by the tanning solution. Apply a barrier cream (such as petroleum jelly or lip balm) to lips, eyebrows, toenails and fingernails to prevent any discolouration.

Box Contains
  • 2 x 100 ml bottles of tanning solution
  • 2 x Exfoliating gloves
  • 1 x Airbrush
  • 1 x Compressor
  • 1 x Mains adapter
  • 1 x Carry case
  • 1 x Full instructions and information guide

Gender Female
Target Area Nasal / Ear / Eyebrow
Type Trimmer
Operation Cordless
Whats Included
Attachments Yes

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